Birds On The Wire

Birds on wires (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

While you’re out running errands here’s something to do while you wait for the stoplight to change …

Are there birds on a wire near you? What are they doing?

Are they all facing the same way? 

Birds face the wind when they’re perched so the air doesn’t ruffle their feathers and make them uncomfortable and cold. They also land and take off facing the wind so they actually arrived in that direction.

The direction the birds are pointing tells you the direction wind is blowing … except …

if the birds are not facing the same way, the breeze is very light or the air is calm.

(photo from Wikimedia Commons; click on the caption to see the original)

2 thoughts on “Birds On The Wire

  1. Kate, I always see birds sitting on the same section of wires over an intersection. Is it because of heat from the waiting cars or exhaust , or just a good hunting or resting spot?

    1. Kat, I think it’s probably because it gives them a good vantage point — perhaps to see nearby food and predators. There are 50-70 pigeons in my neighborhood who pick certain wires to perch on. That location gives them a good view when a neighbor comes out and throws down birdseed for them.

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