Truly Sunken Garden Trail

Evidence of beavers: downed trees and orange stump, Moraine State Park (photo by Kate St. John)

Last Saturday I tried to enjoy the Sunken Garden Trail at Moraine State Park but there were challenges along the way. The trail was very soggy, trees were down on the Short Loop, and part of the trail was under a few inches of water.

The flood is the work of beavers who backed up water in the wetlands (above) about 600 feet from the trail entrance (below).

Flooded Sunken Garden Trail, 5 Jan 2019 (photo by Kate St. John)

The Sunken Garden Trail is truly sunken here. Fortunately ankle-high muck boots were more than enough to keep me dry.

Be prepared for mud in this winter’s warm weather. And watch out for black-legged ticks. I got one on my pants after I bushwhacked around downed trees. They’re moving around out there, though in slow motion.

(photos by Kate St. John)

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