Knock Down, Drag Out: Mockingbirds Fight

  • Northern Mockingbirds fighting #1 (photo by Beth Signorini)

In case you think that songbirds are meek and innocent creatures consider the northern mockingbird (Mimus polyglottus). He always has “attitude” and he’s willing to engage in a knock down drag out fight.

Beth Signorini captured these two during the breeding season.

I wonder who won.

(photos by Beth Signorini)

1 thought on “Knock Down, Drag Out: Mockingbirds Fight

  1. I once witnessed a mocking bird harass and dive bomb and red tailed hawk that was perched on a light post over near the School of Public Health on Pitt’s campus. The mocking bird actually hit the tail of the hawk in one of the passes it made at it. Never cross a mocking bird.

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