Brazen In Winter

Northern mockingbird blocks a northern cardinal (photo by Marge Van Tassel)

This week I wrote about northern mockingbirds having knock-down drag-out fights during the breeding season. Did you know that mockingbirds are also territorial in the winter? Even though they’ve migrated far from their breeding territory they vigorously defend their wintering zone.

Last winter Marge Van Tassel had a pushy mockingbird in her Armstrong County yard. She sent this photo saying, “The male of the pair in our yard chased all birds away from the food bowl last year when he was in it. He even chased this female cardinal back to a bush.”

Yikes! She’s putting on the brakes with her tail.

Mockingbirds are brazen, even in winter.

(photo by Marge Van Tassel)

5 thoughts on “Brazen In Winter

  1. Thanks Kate. It’s always like your blog is looking into my back yard! I woke up this morning to a blue jay cowering in a bush near the peanut feeder and a male cardinal dancing around trying to get to the seeds… and in comes the mockingbird! Usually the blue jays don’t seem to be concerned, but then there are usually 6 jays.. maybe this one little guy didn’t want to fight without back up!

  2. I have a question, thought I’d leave it where the experts are.

    Believe it or not, I had a bright green parakeet visit my platform feeder a few times last week. I had millet, sunflower, peanuts and I forget what else out, but I think he was most interested in the millet.

    I’m in Albany, NY, so it gets cold here and I wondered if this guy might be able to survive the winter. It got down to probably -7F last week, and I haven’t seen him since.

    Anyone think he might have been able to survive that?

    1. Mark P, the parakeet was probably an escapee from someone’s house. My guess is that it probably perished because it wasn’t winter hardy. Alas.

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