34 thoughts on “Two Nestlings at Pitt

  1. Something has caught Hope’s attention around 1:10 EST this afternoon-she suddenly sat up straight, kept looking around & finally took off. I thought it might be Terzo but I think it was Hope who came back to the nest-not sure because I couldn’t see the front of the falcon. She or he keeps looking around & it took a little while for her to sit back on the eggs. She’s still looking around & not really sitting totally over the eggs at 1:20.

  2. Still no sound and the camera is like it’s taking pictures. Not live streaming. Even the time skips numbers. Can’t even enlarge the screen. I swear that it’s changed since yesterday.

    1. Deb, Thank you for your comments about the video stream. The National Aviary called the streaming provider (Ozolio) and they are looking into it. Ozolio is going to test to find the problem. I’m hoping it will be better tomorrow.

  3. I’m not on my computer. I follow with my iPhone. It still isn’t working. The icons on the bottom of the screen is even different from yesterday.

  4. Kate,
    Is Terzo MIA? I thought I saw his shadow this morning but haven’t seen any food deliveries or another bird on camera. And the FalconNut FB page has been deathly silent. Thank you!

    1. Barb, Terzo is at the nest. He’s been there since 1:02pm. The chicks ate this morning just after dawn and again at 1:10pm. (possibly another feeding as well. I haven’t been keeping close track)

  5. Kate thank you for letting us know that it seems that all is well. I too was wondering about where Terzo has been (I did see his shadow 🙂 and Hope was looking a little impatient earlier.

    1. At 5:53pm Hope pulled 3rd hatching chick away from nest killed and are it and fed leftovers to the other two chicks.

    2. Darlene, all of your comments were waiting in queue. I was busy looking through snapshots to make sure that I understood what happened and when. All of your comments have been posted now.

  6. I just tuned in to see Hope eating the remainder of a shell. I can not tell if the hatchling is under her or not.

  7. Oh dear. Does not look good right now at 5:55 pm it looks like Hope is feeding the hatchling to the other chicks. She had dragged the hatchling away from the eggs and chick and has now pulled it back and looks like a feeding is going on.

  8. At 5:52 on chick #3 pulled away from best and eaten by Hope and she fed the other 2 chicks the left overs. Sad, I thought she was being different this time. I just hope she keeps taking care of the first two.

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