Up Early

The peregrine family at the Cathedral of Learning was up before dawn this morning. By the time the sun rose at 5:50a, Hope and Terzo had already been gone 10 minutes to get food. The youngsters waited and watched for breakfast.

Above, a youngster watches the sky for incoming parents. Below, he climbs higher for a better view.

Then he hops over to the nestbox roof …

… and shows the red tape on his right legband.

We’ll have good weather today for Fledge Watch at Schenley Plaza, 11a to 1p.

My hunch is that one of the young peregrines will fledge today. Let’s see if they prove me wrong. 😉

p.s. To see this wider view of the nest on the snapshot camera, click here.

(photos from the National Aviary snapshot camera at Univ of Pittsburgh)

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