Both Young Peregines Flying at Pitt

Second young peregrine, “Yellow,” on 30th floor ledge, 5 June 2019 (photo by Michelle Kienholz)

Yesterday, 5 June 2019 at around 4:20pm, Michelle Kienholz watched both young peregrines flying at the Cathedral of Learning. “Yellow” landed on the 30th floor balcony. “Red” flew so well that he chased his parents, trying to grab food from them.

Michelle noticed the birds because they were so vocal. If you hear squawking in the air near the Cathedral of Learning, look up and you may see the peregrines.

p.s. Michelle posted videos on Facebook, available to Pittsburgh Falconuts members at this link:

(photo by Michelle Kienholz)

5 thoughts on “Both Young Peregines Flying at Pitt

    1. Sorry. Yes it is. If you are a friend or in the Falconuts group you can see it.

  1. Kate, I used to live on Winthrop St. and met you several times there, I now live in Schenley Farms, in Oakland, still very near the Cathedral of Learning Peregin Falcons. I have googled for over an hour trying to find out what bird makes a loud clear medium tone “slide whistle” or “dive bomb whistle” sound. I assumed it was the Peregrin Falcons but no audio sounds like this. Do you know?

  2. Kate!

    You found what I tried to describe- exactly- with the sound on the youtube link you provided!

    So I guess when I hear that sound I will never know if I’m actually hearing a Starling mimic a Hawk or actually hearing a Hawk.
    Sometimes the sound I hear is even longer and more dragged out and long- going from high to very low.

    Thanks a billion for solving that mystery for me!
    Thanks for a great bird and nature blog, you are amazing!!!

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