Downtown and Tarentum

Three of four peregrine chicks at the Downtown Pittsburgh nest, 6 June 2019 (photo by Lori Maggio)

Downtown Pittsburgh’s four young peregrines are getting ready to fledge. Here’s what three of them looked like yesterday when Lori Maggio stopped by. One of the adults watched from above on the Lawrence Hall gargoyle.

Adult peregrine near the Downtown nest, 6 June 2019 (photo by Lori Maggio)

Join us today, 7 June 2019, noon-1p, at Downtown Pittsburgh Peregrine Fledge Watch. We’ll be on Third Avenue between Wood & Smithfield. Click here for more information.

Tarentum Bridge, Allegheny River

Peregrines at Tarentum Bridge, 6 June 2019 (photo by Dave Brooke)

The Tarentum Bridge peregrines have three very active chicks this week, walking and wing-exercising on the bridge pier.

Susan Krouse, who watches them often, writes: “I first saw a chick standing on the front ledge of the nestbox on Sunday June 2. Then on Monday morning June 3 I saw two outside it, one near the box opening and one on the middle of the pier, far from the box. I eventually saw 3 chicks all outside the box. These 3 are exploring out on the pier more each day. There’s also a significant amount of wingercise….wing spans seem huge!

Dave Brooke stopped by last evening to photograph them. Their mother paused with the chicks, below. (You can recognize the mother because her breast is very spotted.)

Three peregrine chicks with adult at Tarentum Bridge, 6 June 2019 (photo by Dave Brooke)
Peregrine chicks at Tarentum Bridge, 6 June 2019 (photo by Dave Brooke)

The Tarentum nestlings will fledge around June 15. For best looks, visit the Tarentum Boat Launch while they’re still in sight before they fledge. Click here for a map.

(photos credits: Downtown Pittsburgh by Lori Maggio, Tarentum by Dave Brooke)

2 thoughts on “Downtown and Tarentum

  1. I stopped by the Neville Island Bridge yesterday 4:30 pm. I saw only one fledged Peregrine for the short 15 minutes I was there. He/she looked healthy preening on the top of the Island side cement pier support. I viewed him/her from the Fairfield Hotel. The park-and-ride lot I see is no longer accessible. It is all fenced in with a high chain link fence.

  2. Thank you Kate for all the updates..I appreciate all the info. You do a great service to us all by your efforts to keep us informed. I look forward each morning to see your latest posts!!

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