All Five Have Flown

Dori perched on the shield at 3rd & Wood (photo by Lori Maggio)
Dori perched on the shield at 3rd & Wood (photo by Lori Maggio)

As of 8:25am this morning, 12 June 2019, Lori Maggio reports that the peregrine nest at Third Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh looks empty. She found 4 of the 5 youngsters and — great news! — the one on the Rescue Porch this morning has a MOTUS nanotag so we’ll know where he goes!

The tagged bird is probably the one rescued from 304 Wood Street on Monday. Because he’s tagged & returned we know he isn’t injured.

Thankfully everyone waited for the Game Warden to arrive & rescue the bird. Thanks to MOTUS we will know where he goes. Click here to read more about the nanotags.

(photo by Lori Maggio)

UPDATE at 11:15a, 12 June 2019 (while I wait in an airport): 4th bird found down in a bus shelter on Boulevard of Allies & taken to Rescue Porch at 11:10am on 12 June 2019.

Fledgling Rescue #4 at the bus stop (photo by Amanda Anderson)

UPDATE at 5:15p, 12 June 2019: 5th downed peregrine found standing on Dollar Back steps on Third Avenue. PGC called to rescue. I’m waiting to hear if this one gets nanotagged.

So as of 13 June 2019 there have been 5 rescues of 5 birds. They could still land on the street so keep an eye out for downed peregrines in Downtown Pittsburgh.

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  1. Hi there! I work in the JLL building at 260 Forbes Avenue on the 13th Floor, and I face the Mt. Washington side of the building. We can see a falcon (that I’m thinking is one of the fledglings) sitting on a windowsill on the adjacent building (The Investment Building, 239 Fourth Avenue). He or she doesn’t appear to be injured, although it’s hard to tell. Right now, it looks to be resting comfortably. We called the Game Commission just to be on the safe side, but they said the bird is likely resting, and to call back tomorrow if it is still there. Anyway, found your website after I called, so I thought I’d drop by and leave a comment with the information.

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