The Measure Of A Mouse

What size of a hole can a mouse get through? If you have ingenuity, time, and tools you can find out.

Matthias Wandel of takes an engineering approach to woodworking. When a mouse got into his woodshed he made a wooden gauge to find the smallest hole the mouse could squeeze through. His seven-minute video, above, became an Internet sensation.

The mouse tried many holes but gave up quickly if they were too small. What limits the mouse from squeezing through? It’s the size of his skull, not the size of his belly that stands in the way.

Near the end of the video a shrew appears. What limits the shrew?

(video by Matthias Wandel of click here for more of his videos)

3 thoughts on “The Measure Of A Mouse

  1. Thanks Kate, I’ve got tears running down my face from the mouse and Mole sound effects! I always learn something from your columns and enjoy them very much. keep up the good work.

  2. That was hilarious and actually very interesting to watch it’s behavior. I was giggling. Thanks for posting that.

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