Get Thee To A Shrubbery

The “ultimate green square,” Leylandii enclosing a tennis court (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

Even when a species is invasive, nurseries sell it and people plant it until it’s banned. Consider the case of Leylandii trees, sold as shrubs in the U.K.

At the garden center, the homeowners say, “I want something that grows quickly and provides some privacy.” They bring home these cute little shrubs.

Just planted, a cute little Leylandii shrub (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

But Leylandii grow three feet a year. Eventually the shrubs are so tall they have to be trimmed using ladders, like the “ultimate green square” in the photo at top.

The hedges eat the bus stop …

Leylandii eat the bus shelter (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

… and engulf the lane.

Leylandii crowd a lane (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

On Throw Back Thursday read how these “privacy” shrubs can spark fights among the neighbors in this vintage post: Plant A Shrub, Start A Fight.

(photos from Wikimedia Commons; click on the captions to see the originals)

p.s. Shakespeare fans will recognize my allusion to Hamlet’s madness.

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