Blue Jay Fools A Young’un

Like other members of the Corvid family, blue jays (Cyanocitta cristata) are very intelligent and have strong family ties. Some of their intelligence and social awareness is put to use to fool each other, especially where food is involved.

Watch the video above by Lesley The Bird Nerd to see how an adult blue jay played a trick on a young one that was planning to steal his food.

(video by LesleyTheBirdNerd on YouTube. Click here for her YouTube site.)

3 thoughts on “Blue Jay Fools A Young’un

  1. This is pretty simple, but adorable: we have a couple of “Humzinger” platter style hummingbird feeders that have an ant moat at the base of the hanger. It’s filled with water, and the chickadees have discovered how to get a sip by hanging upside down on the metal hanger. Now the titmouse is imitating them.

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