Blonde Groundhog

Blonde-colored groundhog near The Waterfront (photo by Bob Holder)

If you bike the Great Allegheny Passage at the eastern end of The Waterfront near Bristol Metals you may see this blonde-colored groundhog. His color has earned him the nickname “Lou.”

Lou isn’t the normal color for a groundhog. They’re usually brown like this one.

Groundhog in a tree at Flag Plaza, 31 May 2014 (photo by Kate St.John)
Groundhog in a tree at Flag Plaza, 31 May 2014 (photo by Kate St.John)

Lou is leucistic, a condition that has a partial loss of pigment in his skin or fur but not in his eyes. Pigment loss in the eyes — making them red (or green or blue) — indicates albinism.

Thanks to Yale Cohen for mentioning Lou and to Bob Holder for the photo.

(photo by Bob Holder)

5 thoughts on “Blonde Groundhog

  1. Could be. Leaf shape is similar. need to see full stalk to tell for sure. Based my ID on color and shine of leaf. Where I live, we have both. Don’t pull up the wrong one with bare hands. trouble.

  2. I just saw a blonde one in my neighbor’s backyard. Reddish blonde, almost like the color of a red fox. A first for me.

  3. I just saw one in our local park….we have about 7 that live near the river here in NJ and the other day I was shocked to see this blonde groundhog eating in the grass…I wondered why it was. Thanks for the answer.

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