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Peregrine outside his window. Photo by Matt Orres, 21 August 2019

On Wednesday 21 August, Matt Orres emailed me two photos of a peregrine outside his window at the Union Trust Building. I knew it couldn’t be Louie (he died in June at age 17) but the next photo confirmed the bird’s identity.

Though her bands aren’t visible, the long dark flecks on her breast and the shape of her face indicate to me that this bird is Dori.

Dori up close, Downtown Pittsburgh, 21 Aug 2019 (photo by Matt Orres)

Click here to compare a closeup of Dori in May 2019.

Why does she look so ragged? Because she’s molting.

August is “down time” for Pittsburgh’s peregrines, the perfect time to molt.

(photos by Matt Orres)

2 thoughts on “Seen Downtown This Week

  1. Bless her sweet heart, Kate! I KNOW..I am anthropomorphizing, but this beautiful “woman” has been such a wonderful matriarch through all kinds of conditions too.

    1. So wonderful to see Dori. So hard to lose Louie and good to know that life continues on with our Dori. Long may she fly

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