The Whining Is Over

By the end of September the whining is over. Juvenile raptors, like this young red-tailed hawk, have left home to start life on their own. Now they hunt in silence. Loud begging scares their prey.

I miss the begging sounds of summer because they helped me find songbirds. The whining juvenile red-tailed hawk in the linked video below has attracted songbird attention.

Juvenile red-tailed hawk calling (click for the video by JustBirds)

How many songbirds can you identify in the background? (Hint: he was filmed in Michigan.)

(video from Cornell Lab Bird Cams, screenshot from JustBirds)

1 thought on “The Whining Is Over

  1. I’ve been seeing a lot of hawk activity this week here in Oakland around UPMC Presby and the Biomedical Science Tower (BST) building. I saw one hawk perched all the way up on top of BST the other evening and thought he or she must have been really pleased with themselves for finding a vantage point like that.

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