The Pitt Falconcam is Up!

30 January 2020

Happy news! The National Aviary’s falconcam is up and running at the Cathedral of Learning with streaming provided by Ozolio.

In case you’ve just tuned in 2020 promises to be a happy nesting year with a new female peregrine, nicknamed Morela, paired with the resident male Terzo.

During the last four seasons (2016 through 2019) hatching was painful to watch because every year Hope, the previous female, killed and ate some of her chicks as they hatched. We know of no other peregrine that consistently exhibited this very abnormal behavior.

This year should be much better because a new un-banded female with a distinctively peach-colored face and chest, nicknamed Morela, arrived at the Cathedral of Learning last fall. She and Terzo have been actively courting ever since. Morela is doing everything right so far. We expect eggs in mid-March.

As a bonus, when the camera started up yesterday it captured Morela’s visit at 9:12am (video below). Notice that she was “building” the nest by digging the gravel where she’ll lay her eggs. She exits the nestbox by jumping up to the rooftop perch (which you can’t see on camera). And she has a feather stuck to her toe. πŸ˜‰

Watch Morela and Terzo on the National Aviary’s Cathedral of Learning falconcam at this link:

Do you love the falconcam? Show your appreciation here with a donation at the National Aviary’s MAKE A DONATION page.

It’s peregrine time!

Additional information:

  1. There is no falconcam at the Gulf Tower this year. The nestbox was removed last year due to construction on the roof; the construction continues.
  2. Click here for tips on viewing the falconcam.

(screenshot of the National Aviary falconcam at the Cathedral of Learning)

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