The Falconcam Did Not Fall Down

Today (19 March 2020) the Cathedral of Learning falconcam suddenly zoomed in very very closely so right now it looks like this.

I don’t believe it’s fallen down. You can see from this snapshot photo that the nest is just fine. There is not a camera lying in the nest.

I’m not sure who zoomed it. … If they can’t correct it, I hope they call for technical support.

Meanwhile you can see snapshots of the nest at this link. The (zoomed out) snapshot camera is the second of the two photos.

5 thoughts on “The Falconcam Did Not Fall Down

  1. The zoom has been corrected. It’s funny, when I saw the picture I thought, oh, someone has set the zoom all the way in. It never occurred to me that someone would think that the camera had fallen down.

    It’s odd, it looked like Terzo was in the next for a while calling this morning, but no one came, then I think Morela was in the nest calling, and no one came. It really makes you wonder what’s going on up there. Maybe they are practicing social distancing also. Hope everything sorts itself out soon.

  2. Kate, is it getting late for egg laying? When did Hope lay her eggs last year? The falcons in Baltimore have 4 eggs already!

    1. Pat W, in my experience first time mothers who have been challenged at the nest site generally lay later than established pairs.

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