How Do Parrots Speak Like Humans?

Screenshot of Petra about to say “Like, Subscribe” (from the video embedded below)

One of my favorite YouTube stars is Petra the African grey parrot who is so smart that she carries on conversations. Here she asks Google a question.

African greys are the smartest birds but they’re not the only parrots that can mimic humans voices. How do parrots speak like humans when they don’t have the same equipment we have, such as lips and teeth, to form words? The video below shows how.

p.s. I’m sure you noticed that the parrot-speaking video ended abruptly when a woman began to talk. She’s going to promote the WIX website tool but it looks as if she’s going to talk about parrots. She doesn’t. It’s very confusing! So here’s her promo and her link to WIX.

(screenshot from Petra Grey video. To watch the videos on YouTube, click on the word YouTube at bottom right after the video begins)

2 thoughts on “How Do Parrots Speak Like Humans?

  1. My parents used to have an African Grey and among other things, the bird would say “Cliff, can you get the phone!” every time the phone rang. Obviously, my dad’s name was Cliff! HAHA

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