Twirl A Squirrel

Squirrel reaches for the pole while the feeder gives him a wild ride (screenshot from Twitter movie)

10 April 2020: As expected the U.S. now has the most COVID-19 cases on earth.

We really need a laugh. Squirrels to the rescue.

Watch this bird feeder gave a squirrel a wild ride. He reaches out to grab the feeder pole but misses every time.

If you haven’t laughed enough, here’s a fox squirrel with more staying power. Imagine how dizzy he felt when he landed!

In case you’re wondering, this is Droll Yankee’s feeder called the “Yankee Flipper.”

(videos from Twitter and YouTube; click on the embedded video to see the originals)

4 thoughts on “Twirl A Squirrel

    1. The feeder is designed to spin when something heavy lands on it. None of the birds are heavy enough. 🙂

  1. We have one of those! It’s on our deck, but it spins as soon as they put their paws on it! They will eat everything quickly if not deterred! Happy Easter to you and the peregrines.

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