Lions Reclaim The Land

With South Africa shut down for the COVID-19 pandemic, wild animals are taking back the human spaces in Kruger National Park.

Above, a pride of lions takes a nap on the road just outside Orpen Rest Camp on 15 April. Click on the photos in the tweet below to see closeups of the lions.

The BBC explains:

But why anyway, you might ask, would lions prefer tarmac to the softness of grass?

Probably for the simple reason that it had been raining on Tuesday night and, as Mr Phaala explained, “The tar was drier than the grass at the time – big cats and water don’t mix.”

— from Coronavirus: Lions nap on road during South African lockdown, BBC News, 16 April 2020

While the humans are away, the cats will play.

(tweets embedded from BBC News and Kruger National Park; video from The Guardian)

2 thoughts on “Lions Reclaim The Land

  1. When I saw these pictures my first reaction was that it was a massacre of some kind! Oh NO!!! I was so happy when I read the caption. 🙂

    For any peregrine fans, I’ve been watching the University of California at Berkeley falcon cam. Nice little family up on the Campanile! Check em out.

  2. Kate I have been watching a live safari from Kruger Park in South Africa for a few years now. It is broadcast on Youtube twice a day at 9AM til Noon and 12 Midnight until 3 AM
    EDT each day. The first 45 minutes of each Safari are devoted to answering childeren’s questions. They broadcast all over the world so it’s really interesting to hear some of the questions. Please try it and see if you can recommend it for your viewers. I still learn things every day. Look for “WildEarth” on Youtube. Hope you enjoy it Kathy

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