Peregrine Chicks At Westinghouse

Two chicks peer from the nest area at Westinghouse Bridge, 27 May 2020 (photo by Dana Nesiti)

Dana Nesiti has been keeping up with the peregrine family at the Westinghouse Bridge by photographing them every few days. On Wednesday 27 May 2020 he saw the chicks for the first time, pictured above near the edge of the nest area.

Their success is due to the care and feeding supplied by their parents, Hammond (male) and Ms. Indiana (banded female from South Bend, Indiana, 2016). This slideshow of Dana’s 17-24 May photos shows how the pair cooperates to bring in food.

  • Hammond delivers prey to Indiana at the Westinghouse Bridge, 17 May 2020 (photo by Dana Nestiti)

Thanks to Dana Nesiti for the photos!

7 thoughts on “Peregrine Chicks At Westinghouse

  1. Thank you so much for the reports on the successful peregrine families. Happiness in these uncertain times. Love the picture of the two chicks peeking out.

  2. That first photo is a gigantic optical illusion. My eyes could not see the chicks. My eyes kept seeing the chick heads as drain holes. I kept saying to myself, “Where are the chicks?” Did the wrong photo get posted? Of course, now that I see the chicks, I see the chicks.

  3. So glad other Peregrines around Pittsburgh are doing better than at the cathedral this year. How many nests are there in Pittsburgh now?

    1. Tiffany, there are about 9 occupied sites but it’s been hard to check on them during the COVID-19 shutdown.
      We know there are peregrines at:
      Downtown Pittsburgh, Cathedral of Learning (no young this year), Westinghouse Bridge, Tarentum Bridge, Ambridge/Aliquippa Bridge.
      Also possibly at Monaca-East-Rochester/Beaver, Neville Island I-79 Bridge, McKees Rocks Bridge, Graff Bridge/Route 422 Kittanning.
      For most of these sites we are hoping observers will visit and confirm them.

    1. Mary, the nestbox will probably be in place but there’s no telling if the peregrines will use it.

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