Pitt Peregrine Nestbox Gets a New Roof

5 January 2021

As promised in early December, Dan Hosier of the National Aviary returned to the Pitt peregrine nestbox yesterday and installed a new roof. It took him only 15 minutes to clear away the old pieces and attach the roof and awning. The snapshot camera captured his movements, sped up in the 8-second video above.

When Dan was done he took this photo of the roof, a rare chance to see the nestbox from the peregrines’ perspective.

New roof on Pitt peregrine nestbox, 4 Jan 2021 (photo by Dan Hosier, National Aviary)

Morela and Terzo saw it too and visited the nestbox twice during the afternoon. Morela tried out the new roof with her typical leap to the awning after leaving the nestbox. In the slideshow below, Terzo looks up while Morela is on the roof. You can see her talons at the edge of the awning.

  • Morela arrives at the nestbox, 4 Jan 2021, 12:58pm

Very soon — next month! — the National Aviary falconcam will start streaming again. Don’t forget to support the streaming camera to keep it running! Click here to donate to the National Aviary today.

(photos from the National Aviary snapshot camera at Univ of Pittsburgh; nestbox photo by Dan Hosier)

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  1. Just donated, thanks for the tip on how to make my $$ go to the Pitt falcon cam! Happy New Year Kate! Looking forward to a successful nesting season. 🙂

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