Hays Bald Eagles Have a Happy Valentine’s Day

First egg of 2021 at Hays bald eagle nest, 12 Feb 2021, 5:55pm (snapshot from ASWP’s Pittsburgh Eagles Facebook page)

14 February 2021

The Hays bald eagles are having a Happy Valentine’s Day with their first egg of the season just 36 hours old. The female laid her first egg on Friday 12 February 2021 at approximately 5:55pm. Their happy event was on the CBS Local news, at Trib-Live, and captured on the streaming cam on YouTube.

The female usually lays her second egg three days after the first so watch the Hays Nest Eaglecam tomorrow, 15 February, for the arrival of another egg.

Catch up on all the Hays Bald Eagle news at ASWP’s Pittsburgh Eagles Facebook page.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(photo and video from ASWP’s Hays Eaglecam)

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