For The Love Of Crows

American crow (photo by Mick Thompson via Flickr Creative Commons license)

15 February 2021

I love crows but I don’t see very many now that the winter flock moved away from my neighborhood. Last Saturday afternoon I was thrilled to see 70 flying low in the fog on their way to the North Shore where they’ve roosted since late January.

I miss the big flocks but I’ve found ways to see crows online. Here’s a three-session online course and some folks to follow on Twitter for the love of crows.

Anything but Common: The Hidden Life of the American Crow

Cornell Lab’s Bird Academy is offering …

This self-paced, online course is all about the remarkable lives of American Crows. Taught by world-renowned crow biologist Dr. Kevin McGowan, who has worked with a banded population for decades, you’ll get an inside look into what makes them so compelling—from their complex social lives to their impressive problem-solving skills.

— Click here to learn more about The Hidden Life of the American Crow.

On Twitter …

The Ravenmaster at the Tower of London @ravenmaster1 tweets about the Tower of London ravens.

Corvid researcher Kaeli Swift, PhD @corvidresearch studies crows (and monarchs) and posts a weekly #CrowOrNo quiz. (Is it a crow? Or no?)

Crow Monthly @CrowMonthly posts photos and comments by and for crows. 😉

(photo at top by Mick Thompson and screenshot from Bird Academy; click on the captions/images to see the original)

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