Is It Grackle Day?

Male common grackle (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

1 March 2021

Grackle Day is coming this week. For some it’s already here.

The arrival of migrating blackbirds and grackles is one of the earliest signs of spring. Common grackles (Quiscalus quiscula) leave the East End of Pittsburgh during fall migration and don’t return until early March, usually around the 5th. I haven’t seen a grackle yet but I found a red-winged blackbird — just one — in Schenley Park on Friday 26 Feb, my First of Year.

Friends in Beaver County reported small flocks of grackles at their feeders on Saturday 27 February. I’m disappointed the birds bypassed Pittsburgh but am keeping my eyes open for their arrival here.

Sometimes I hear their “chucking” sound before I see them. Listen for …

Then they point their bills up, strut and puff and “skriiNNNK.”

I can hardly wait!

Will this be Grackle Day?

(photo from Wikimedia Commons, audio from Xeno Canto, video from YouTube. click on the captions to see the originals)

5 thoughts on “Is It Grackle Day?

  1. I heard more than one redwing blackbird—dk how many, but there was definitely ‘call and response’ going on yesterday at Homewood Cemetery!

  2. Today, 2 March 2021, is grackle day in my neighborhood. I heard them and then a flock of 17 flew over. Yay!!

    1. w00t! I was going to say for sure Friday would be Grackle Day (should be in all caps – GRACKLE DAY), but I’m so glad it came early.

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