Nesting Underground

Burrowing owl in Florida (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

12 March 2021

Ah Spring! It’s time to nest.

Pennsylvania’s bald eagles are already on eggs in their huge stick-nests. Peregrine falcons are about to lay eggs on gravel ledges. Meanwhile, in Florida and southern California burrowing owls (Athene cunicularia) are preparing to nest underground.

Burrowing owls aren’t usually seen inside the nest because it’s dark in there. No problem. There’s plenty to see at the burrow entrance. Here’s a pair in Florida.

Happy Friday!

(photo from Wikimedia Commons, tweet from Wendy @geococcyxcal in southern California, video from photoguy73)

3 thoughts on “Nesting Underground

  1. Hi Kate,
    I read your blog too late yesterday to comment on the Crocus report. I saw snowdrops last week so I knew that the Crocus would be appearing very soon. So happy to see them. Much more a predictor of Spring than that old groundhog Phil.

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