4 Eggs at Pitt Peregrine Nest

Morela lays her 4th egg, 24 March 2021, 3:42pm (camera time)

Peregrine falcons lay 3-5 eggs per clutch. Four is the norm.

This afternoon Morela laid her fourth egg of 2021 at 3:38pm (real time, 3:42pm camera time) so it is likely that her clutch is now complete.

Meanwhile Downtown I watched from Mt. Washington through my scope as Dori laid an egg at the 3rd Avenue site at 3:23pm.

It was a busy day for Pittsburgh’s peregrines.

Tune in tomorrow for peregrine news from the active sites in southwestern Pennsylvania area.

Meanwhile, watch the peregrines at the National Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh.

(photo from the National Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh)

3 thoughts on “4 Eggs at Pitt Peregrine Nest

  1. What a great job as journalist and expert witness you are doing, Kate. We are having a Blessed Spring. Thank you for all you do. Happy Holidays.

  2. Dear Kate, thank you for all the updates. Love all the great news of our Peregrin’s. However, just heard frightening new on Channel 4. They are poisoning pigeons in downtown Pgh. to keep the bird population down. That’s why the Peregrin Falcons were originally brought here and the pigeons are a big sources of food for them. This is now endangering our Peregrin families, not to mention the Eagles with their little ones who may bring in a poisoned dead pigeon that may fall into the river and find it’s way to their fishing areas. Is there any way we bird lovers can do anything about this??

    1. Patricia, this event happened months ago in Dec 2020 & was stopped immediately by the people who are bringing charges against the company. It was in the news today because the charges have made it to court. There is nothing to worry about. The poisoning was stopped and the people who stopped it are vigilant.

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