Hays Eaglets Growing Up

23 April 2021

The three youngsters in the Hays bald eagle nest have grown a lot in the weeks since they hatched on March 23 and 27. Their white natal down has been replaced by gray second down and they are showing pin feathers, the precursor to flight feathers and juvenile plumage.

On Wednesday 21 April they were glad to see food arrive. It was cold and there was snow on the nest.

You won’t see snow next Tuesday. Our high is forecast for 82 degrees F!

Watch the Hays eaglets grow on ASWP’s Hays Bald Eagle Nestcam.

p.s. This morning a squirrel is active below the nest while the adult eagles try to shoo it away. This squirrel probably doesn’t realize he could become lunch.

(photo and video from ASWP’s Hays Bald Eagle Nestcam)

4 thoughts on “Hays Eaglets Growing Up

  1. This a.m. about 7:26 the eagle is at the edge of the nest trying to get to or to scare the squirrel within the nest. Squirrel can be seen intermittently after that.
    This is Pix Hays camera on Audubon website.

  2. There seems to be a squirrel living under the nest. Maybe it was just sheltering from the cold. Yesterday, the parents were flapping their wings at it, trying to get it to leave, and my niece said that she’s seen the parents dropping sticks on it to try to scare it away. But it seems pretty determined to hang around. Seems like a rather dangerous choice of accommodations.

  3. Amazing! They really do grow so quickly. They know how to “huddle” and stay warm as well!!

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