Feeding The Chicks From Another Angle

26 April 2021

When Morela feeds her chicks at the Pitt peregrine nest she puts her back to the streaming falconcam and often blocks our view. The snapshot camera provides closeups from another angle.

The slideshow above shows last night’s feeding at 25 April 2021, 6:04pm in snapshots, each 15 seconds apart.

It begins with Ecco brooding the chicks after handing off food to Morela. Morela returns to feed them and takes away the leftovers when the feeding is done. Ecco broods again briefly, Morela returns.

Click here to see the snapshot camera.

Number of chicks as of 26 April 2021, 7:19am: At this moment it looks like the fourth egg has not hatched. Since it was scored around the outside last evening I expected it to be open by now … but what do I know? Keep an eye on it today.

Watch the live action on the National Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh.

(photos from the National Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh)

5 thoughts on “Feeding The Chicks From Another Angle

    1. If the 4th egg doesn’t hatch the parents will move it out of the way to the back of the box.

  1. Love these new baby chicks. They will grow quickly. Awesome start to a great nesting location. Looking forward to this year as compared to previous years. Parents are beautiful birds and will definitely be busy taking care of their chicks.

  2. Kate, i can’t seem to find the fourth egg. Do you know what happened to it or did the chick hatch and we just can’t see it?

    1. The 4th egg was hidden but the chicks in the last feeding. It is still an egg but I think I saw a pip.

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