15 thoughts on “Happy Family! Four Babies

  1. Hooray! I was a little bit worried about that fourth one and am so happy to read that its has made its appearance. Thanks for the update and pictures, Kate!

    1. I wonder if Hope felt Terzo wasn’t attentive enough to be able to raise 4 chicks. Especially compared to E2’s prior attentiveness, along with Hope’s previous experience at a more precarious site at the bridge. And Morela wasn’t going to hatch her eggs last year when which male would win the site was in question. Ecco’s greater attentiveness compared to Terzo has been noticed. Seems as if the mothers can sense the situation and adapt to it accordingly. Glad Ecco has stepped up!

    2. Robin, if non-attentive males were enough to make female peregrines eat their children there would be a lot more infanticide in the world. Hope was *extremely* abnormal. Can’t blame Terzo. NOTE: Hope and E2 never raised young together. E2 died before Hope was finished laying eggs.

  2. So happy to see the little ones. A much better picture than what occurred last year (eggs but no chicks). Thanks for sharing the news and keeping the Falconcam up and running.

  3. Are the Pitt falcon babies being fed? Not seeing any signs of food being brought in. Haven’t been able to catch it on camera.

    1. Yes they are being fed. Yesterday 29 April they were fed 7 times from 5:30am to 6:48pm.

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