Playing In The Sky

Three juvenile peregrines play Chase Me in Ohio, 2014 (photo by Chad+Chris Saladin)

16 June 2021

Yesterday afternoon I scanned the Cathedral of Learning with binoculars as I walked through Carnegie Mellon’s campus. Off in the distance I saw three juvenile peregrines playing in the sky.

The moment was perfect for a game of tag with brilliant sun and a strong gusty wind. I could see the three flipping and dipping in a game that builds important skills for hunting and courtship.

The photo at top, taken in Ohio by Chad+Chris Saladin, gives you a hint of what I saw from here.

Cathedral of Learning as seen from Carnegie Mellon, 15 June 2021 (photo by Kate St. John)

So does this slideshow of Kim Steininger’s peregrine photos from Wilmington, Delaware, 2007.

  • Two juvenile peregrines play tag, 2008 (photos by Kim Steininger)

Yesterday I saw three of four juvenile Pitt peregrines plus one adult in a matter of minutes. I’m glad I was far enough away to see the whole event.

p.s. The four Pitt peregrines fledged in two groups over a period of one week. The first two fledged on 4 & 5 June, the third late in the day on 8 June, the fourth around 11 June. Because the first group flew so well by the time the second group fledged it was impossible to find all four at the same time. Fledging date of #4 is based on behavior and perching location. Some perches at Pitt are used only by newly fledged birds, then never used again.

Yesterday’s play session in the sky was 1 male and 2 females. Size was obvious.

(photos by Chad+Chris Saladin, Kate St. John and Kim Steininger)

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