Peregrine Falcons as Yard Birds

19 June 2021

Addicted birders like me keep lists of the birds they see. At first it’s a Life List of each new species. Eventually it morphs into listing by state or county or a yard list of birds seen at home.

When I lived in Greenfield warblers were on my yard list during spring migration. Without a backyard in Oakland there are no warblers outside my window but I now have peregrine falcons as Yard Birds.

On Thursday 17 June I was reading a book on the roof deck of my building (with view at top) when I heard a young peregrine whining. Where was it? Was it in trouble? No.

I found Ecco on St. Paul’s steeple with a juvie female nearby (she was at the pink circle in photo below). When he moved out of her sight-line she fell silent (Ecco moved to red circle on left of steeple). When he sneaked over to peek around the corner she saw him and whined again.

I tweeted at 11:05am: Two Pitt peregrines on steeple at St. Paul’s Cathedral: Ecco + whining female youngster, probably fledgling #4. She is not stuck, is perched just fine and whining in the most annoying way.

Moments later her brother showed up and perched above her (white circle) hoping to share lunch if her whining was successful. At 11:12am: Now 3 peregrines on St. Paul’s Cathedral steeple. Male juvie joined the group. Whiny juvie female still whining.

Ecco left to go hunting.

That evening an adult peregrine flew in from the northeast, heading for the Cathedral of Learning. I saw one again last evening outside this window.

Looking east, 19 June 2021 (photo by Kate St. John)

Though I don’t have a backyard I do have Yard Birds. 🙂

By the way, if I’d been watching from the roof deck on Tuesday afternoon (15 June) I could have seen what Pushkar Mutha captured in these videos. Thanks for sharing them, Pushkar!

Playing in the sky #1, video by Pushkar Mutha

Playing in the sky #2, video by Pushkar Mutha. Coincidentally, the background music seems to fit their activity.

Young peregrine lands on the Cathedral of Learning lightning rod, video by Pushkar Mutha.

UPDATE on 19 June: At 10am both adult peregrines were perched on Heinz Chapel steeple. At noon two juvenile peregrines whined from the roof of Webster Hall.

(photos by Kate St. John, videos by Pushar Mutha)

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