Backyard Cats

Bobcat in a Tucson backyard (photo by Donna Memon)

9 July 2021

Backyard cats in Arizona are a lot more interesting that the ones we have in Pittsburgh.

Instead of small domestic pets or feral cats, both Felis catus, Arizonans have bobcats (Lynx rufus) that come to drink from the water bowls …

Bobcat in a Tucson backyard (photo by Donna Memon)

… then lay down in the shade …

Bobcat yawns in a Tucson backyard (photo by Donna Memon)

… and have a nice long sleep.

Be careful when you open the door!

(photos by Donna Memon; embedded tweet from @KateSmithAZ)

4 thoughts on “Backyard Cats

  1. Wow! I worry about finding a raccoon or groundhog on my porch when I open the door. I should be thankful. We do have coyotes around us, but we never see them, only hear them.

  2. We have them where I live in the foothills of Southern California, but they are very shy of people. Real scaredy cats. They’re not the cats we have to worry about. We have Mountain Lions to worry about, especially in this drought. A lot of bears are wandering out of the hills, too.

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