Earthquake At The Nest

Peregrine at 367 Collins during earthquake in Melbourne, Australia, 22 Sept 2021 (screenshot from live stream at 367 Collins)

7 October 2021

The end of September was eventful for the peregrine falcons nesting at 367 Collins in Melbourne, Australia. Just eight days before their eggs hatched a rare earthquake shook the nest.

Large earthquakes are unusual in Australia so it was surprising when a 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck near Mansfield, Victoria at 9:15am on Wednesday 22 Sept 2021(*). It rattled Melbourne 65 miles away.

USGS map of Australia earthquake on 21 Sep 2021, 23:15:53 UTC

When the earthquake began the male peregrine was on the nest incubating four eggs. At first he crouched low but as it continued he jumped up, looked around, and flew away with a wail. Watch him return to the nest in less than two minutes.

Incubation was successful and the chicks hatched on 30 September (watch video here). The “kids” have been growing rapidly ever since, thanks to many feedings. Here’s a recent feeding, Thursday morning 7 Oct 2021 at 7:15am(*).

Watch the Melbourne peregrines live on YouTube at 367 Collins Falcons.

When you do, keep in mind the large time zone difference between Melbourne and Pittsburgh. The feeding shown above occurred in Pittsburgh at 4:15pm on Wednesday.

(*) indicates date & time is local to Melbourne, Australia.

(screenshot from live stream at 367 Collins, videos embedded from YouTube)

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