14 Years Of Blogging

14 years of blogging (party crow by Joan Guerin)

9 November 2021

On this day in 2007 I posted my first blog at Outside My Window. Today in celebration let’s look back at three memorable articles from my first month of blogging.

Clash of the Titans: On the advent of a new raptor pecking order a male Pitt peregrine chases Central Catholic’s red-tailed hawks.

Red-tailed hawk, Peregrine falcon (photos by Chuck Tague)

Loon Fallout: Remembering the day we saw more than 300 loons at Moraine State Park.

Common Loon on beach (photo by Chuck Tague)

The Night Visitor: An eastern screech-owl speaks up while we rake leaves in the dark.

Eastern Screech-owl close up (photo by Chuck Tague)

Thank you, my readers, for keeping me going every day. And a very special thank you to the many photographers who allow me to use their photos and videos on the site.

Happy 14th Bird-thday to the Blog!

(party crows by Joan Guerin; photos by Chuck Tague)

19 thoughts on “14 Years Of Blogging

  1. Congratulations, and a big thank you, Kate, for your wonderful blog which is a must read every morning for me. And wishing you many, many more years of blogging! Anita

  2. Another thank you for an informative and fun way to start the day. Kate and coffee. Hope you will feature more highlights. Liz

  3. Congratulations, Kate!!! I relish my daily fix of info about our neighborhood, region, country, and even, world!!

  4. Congratulations on 14 wonderful years of very useful information. A great way to start my day. Thank you!!!!!

  5. Congratulations, Kate! You’ve opened my eyes to so many things. The best thing you have taught me is to look up!

  6. Congratulations on 14 years! I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from your posts and how they are a bright spot in my day.

  7. congratulations on 14 years of blogging!!! wow, what an accomplishment! and what a treat to read your blog every morning and learn something new. (A really wonderful thing to do is return from vacation and have a whole week or two of blogs to read!)
    thank you for your wonderful blog and perseverance in writing every day of those 14 years!

  8. There is no way I can start a day without Outside My Window with coffee. Thanks for fueling me, Kate. You’re always one of the best parts of my day.

  9. Congratulations Kate! I can see I’m in great company with my “coffee and Kate” in the morning. It’s the first thing I look at when I get on my computer as well!! I have learned so much from reading your blog, thank you!!! I’m going to second Jennie Barker’s comment, I look up much more often now after reading your blog! 🙂

  10. Thank you for your wonderful blog. I too, start my morning with coffee and reading your blog. You focus on our beautiful world.

  11. Happy blog birdthday! I’ve been reading daily for years. I love following the Peregrines of course but I also enjoy and learn from the reminder that nature is a vibrant part of our urban lives.

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