Leaves and Merlins

Hornbeam seeds with spider/insect cocoons, 21 Nov 2021 (photo by Kate St. John)

27 November 2021

Nature was busy this week. Spiders or insects wove tiny white cocoons inside this hornbeam seed structure. Chickadees look for these cocoons and eat the tasty treats inside.

As predicted, Schenley Park’s gingkos lost all their leaves in a single day — 20 November.

Gingkos shed all their leaves on Schenley Drive, 20 Nov 2021 (photo by Kate St. John)

Norway maples were not far behind on the 24th.

Three trees on 24 Nov 2021: 1 bare, 2 maple fallen leaves, 3 red oak leaves waiting (photo by Kate St. John)

I went to Schenley Park golf course to find a merlin just before sunset on 23 November. Instead I found three merlins jostling for the highest perch on the highest hill. The tallest snag in this photo is not the highest perch but the dot on top is merlin #2 of 3 who is watching the airshow as 2,500 crows fly over from the Allegheny Valley to where? Crows were still passing overhead when I left.

After sunset the sky still glowed.

Cathedral of Learning, Heinz Chapel, and WQED’s transmission tower after sunset 23 Nov 2021, Pittsburgh, PA (photo by Kate St. John)

(photos by Kate St. John)

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