Watch Eaglets on Camera at Hilton Head

27 December 2021

Pittsburgh’s bald eagles will lay eggs in February while in South Carolina it’s already eaglet time. The bald eagle pair on the Hilton Head Land Trust eaglecam hatched their first egg of the season on 26 December 2021 at 12:45pm.

Bald eagles in northern latitudes synchronize their nesting period to hatch in early spring while in southern latitudes, including Florida and the Gulf Coast, they have a prolonged nesting period from late fall to early spring. In the South, bald eagles can afford to nest earlier because there is no winter ice to prevent them from catching fish for their young.

Get a head start on eagle season. You can watch eaglets right now at –> Hilton Head Land Trust Bald Eaglecam

(screenshot from Hilton Head Land Trust eaglecam)

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