Go Birding Tomorrow on Global Big Day

eBird: Global Big Day 2022 (logo from Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

Tomorrow, 14 May 2022, we’ll celebrate World Migratory Bird Day by counting birds on one of the biggest migration days of the year.

Like the Christmas Bird Count, Global Big Day is an opportunity to go birding and share the birds you find with eBird. Unlike the Christmas Count it happens on a single day each year, and it can be hectic because birds are on the move and there are so many of them!

Participating is easy—you can even be part of Global Big Day from home. If you can spare 5 or 10 minutes, report your bird observations to eBird online or with our free eBird Mobile app. If you have more time, submit several checklists of birds throughout the day. Your observations help us better understand global bird populations through products like these animated abundance maps brought to you by eBird Science.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Global Big Day 2022

To join the fun, watch birds anywhere on 14 May and record your sightings in eBird.

Indigo bunting, 5 May 2021 (photo by Charity Kheshgi)

Or join me and Charity Kheshgi at 7:00am at Frick Park as we co-lead a walk on behalf of Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy. Sign up here.

Don’t miss Global Big Day tomorrow. It’s time to get outdoors.

(screenshot from eBird.org, indigo bunting photo by Charity Kheshgi)

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