Let’s Call Her Trouble

The wanderer voices her opinion, 17 June 2022 (photo by Jeff Cieslak)

18 June 2022

Yesterday morning at 7:45am I got a call from Game Warden Doug Bergman. He was heading to an assignment in Fayette County but had just received a call that a peregrine fledgling was walking on McClure Street in Pittsburgh. By the time he could finish in Fayette and drive back to Pittsburgh it would be afternoon, way too long for this bird to be on the street.

Peregrine fledglings cannot take off from the ground in their first 24 hours of flight so this one needed an assist to get up to a high perch and start over again. Could I help?

Google Maps showed the incident at the corner of McClure and Eckert Streets — the Eckert Street peregrine nest. Jeff Cieslak had called in the trouble ticket and Jeff was still on site. Maybe we could put the bird on a nearby roof — if we could catch it. I would get there by 9:00am.

The trouble started around 6:30am when Marcy Kemmler, owner of Don’s Diner, saw a peregrine fledgling walking on the street. She stopped traffic, herded the bird onto the sidewalk and called Jeff. By the time he arrived Marcy had already saved the bird’s life several times. It was standing in clover under the California Avenue Bridge. Its size looked female to me.

Peregrine fledgling on the ground at McClure Street, 17 June 2022 (photo by Jeff Cieslak)

The fledgling walked behind Don’s Diner and jumped up to the highest spot she could find, two feet off the ground.

Peregrine fledgling behind Don’s Diner, 17 June 2022 (photo by Jeff Cieslak)

She continued walking into Don’s Diner parking lot under the Eckert Street Bridge. When I arrived Jeff was guarding the bird at the base of the arch. Marcy and I walked toward Jeff. The bird’s mother started shouting from her perch on the California Avenue Bridge.

Eckert Street mother peregrine shouts from the California Avenue Bridge, 17 July 2022 (photo by Jeff Cieslak)

The fledgling was on the ground between the two arches (to the right of the red square in photo below). Jeff blocked the bird’s retreat away from the Diner while Marcy and I blocked its progress toward it. We didn’t realize we were loosely surrounding the fledgling but the bird’s mother did realize it and warned her youngster. Meanwhile Marcy was praying that the bird would walk up the arch.

Don’s Diner in April 2021. Red box shows the base of the arch where the peregrine walked up (screenshot from WPXI video)

I had never seen a peregrine walk up a bridge so I didn’t understand the significance of Marcy’s prayer until it was answered. The bird flapped up to the arch and walk-flapped its way to the top. Whew!

Peregrine fledgling walk-flaps her way up the arch, 17 June 2022 (photo by Jeff Cieslak)

After it made it to near the top of the beam, we moved away to try to get a better look. Kate said, “Now would be a good time for the adults to feed it,” and as if on cue, the male comes back from his (successful) hunt, and the female flies out to scream at him (normal) and guide him directly to the newly-returned fledgling. I didn’t get any pics of that because I was amazed that it was even happening.

Jeff Cieslak at Pittsburgh Falconuts Facebook page

We watched for an hour and the birds calmed down.

Just before we left Marcy said, “What should we call this bird?” It didn’t take long to decide. Marcy said, “Let’s call her Trouble.”

(photos by Jeff Cieslak, screenshot of Don’s Diner from WPXI)

UPDATE from Jeff Cieslak on 18 June @ Eckert, 8pm: Marcy called, the bird was on the ground again this evening oh, and the sun was going down. I was just relaying the story of Friday’s adventure to my friends, so we hop in the car and drove down to try to help. By the time I got there, Marcy had shepherded the bird back to the beam and it was crawling up the beam when we pulled into the parking lot. Marcy adds: “Trouble was down in the street again tonight and I got it all the way back up to the bridge. Jeff was just pulling in with his wife to try to help and I got it back up. We surely are naming that thing Trouble but it’s so amazing and it was really talking to me too. It got stuck in my little fence and I had to get it out.” Fortunately, after 18 June Trouble didn’t get into trouble again.

p.s. Watch this WPXI video about Don’s Diner and a movie filmed there a year ago in April 2021. Another movie will begin production at Don’s Diner next week.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Call Her Trouble

  1. Kate, you are such a great nature reporter and story teller. What a suspenseful tale and with a happy ending too! Marcy, you and Jeff are heroes for saving the fledgling falcon’s life I wish Trouble could be banded to keep track of her. Thank you for your always wonderful blog!

  2. All’s well that ends well. Thanks Marcy, Jeff and Kate for your valiant efforts in averting a calamity. Thanks for sharing the good news! Hope you don’t have to go back.

    1. Thanks for the update on Pitt! Any word from Third Avenue? (I can’t remember who the parents are this year, I need a scorecard);

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