Baby Birds Try To Figure It Out

Baby burrowing owls (photo by Katie McVey USFWS via Wikimedia Commons)

15 July 2022

After weeks of being fed by their parents, baby birds’ first big challenge is to feed themselves. What is edible? How to chomp it? How to catch it?

When open my beak the food goes in. Doesn’t it?

“Is this how to do it?” Juvenile red-tailed hawks practice pouncing at Tompkins Square Park, New York City in June 2022.

“What is this?” say two baby burrowing owls. Babies, it’s food!

(photo from Wikimedia Commons, embedded tweets and video)

3 thoughts on “Baby Birds Try To Figure It Out

  1. Oh Kate, those videos are great!! I love the “open mouth” little guy thinking it is going to just drop right in like when Mom and Dad deliver!! Thanks so much!

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