Cloud Like a Spaceship

Lenticular cloud over Aberdeen, Scotland (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

9 September 2022

It looks like a spaceship but it’s actually a cloud.

Here’s another one at Palm Desert, California.

Lenticular cloud over Palm Desert, California (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

And another one — quite ominous! — in the mountains in Patagonia. Do I see a mouth on this cloud?

Lenticular cloud darkens the sky over Patagonia (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

These are all lenticular clouds which form when the wind blows horizontally toward a fixed object that forces the air to rise and fall in a wave. If the fixed object is a mountain and the air is moist it forms a cloud on top of the mountain. The cloud stays right there, thumb-tacked to the sky, as shown in this time lapse from Mount Teide in the Canary Islands.

(photos from Wikimedia Commons; click on the captions to see the originals)

1 thought on “Cloud Like a Spaceship

  1. Isn’t Mother Nature amazing? Thanks for making us aware of this phenomenon. Enjoy your blog and am always learning new things from your posts.
    Have a spectacular weekend!

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