Orphaned Baby Stoats Grow Up

Short-tailed weasel or stoat (photo by NPS via Wikimedia Commons)

22 February 2023

Robert E. Fuller (@RobertEFuller) is a wildlife artist, filmmaker & blogger from Yorkshire, UK who uses bird cams to watch wildlife in his backyard. In addition to kestrel and owl nestcams, his live 24/7 cameras include the dens and habitats of stoats.

Stoats, also known as ermine or short-tailed weasels (Mustela erminea), have a circumpolar distribution that includes Alaska, Canada and Greenland but barely reaches Pennsylvania. In the UK they live in woodlands, grasslands, farms and heaths and are sometimes encountered during the day though they are generally nocturnal.

Fuller sees them frequently, especially on his wildlife cams. He says, “Over the years I seem to have become a stoat rehabilitator – as well as a wildlife artist. But that’s fine because I have a soft spot for these cute mustelids. Watch the story of my latest rescue, an adorable stoat called Rocket.”

His 11+ minute video shows Rocket and two other orphaned baby stoats growing up. They learn, play and explore together and then are soft-released into the wild.

See https://www.robertefuller.com for Fuller’s art, blog and nestcams. Click here to go directly to his live nestcams.

(photo from Wikimedia Commons; click the caption to see the original. Video from Robert E. Fuller)

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