Contributing Photographers

As I freely admit in my posts, I rarely take pictures and when I do they are never of birds.  This blog would not be a success if it weren’t for the many photographers who’ve graciously allow me to use their work to illustrate my writing, especially Chuck Tague, Steve Gosser, Chad+Chris Saladin, Marcy Cunkelman, Dianne Machesney and the many photographers with Creative Commons licenses at Wikimedia Commons and Flickr.

Special thanks to those who contributed these banner photos:
• Avocet: Dan Arndt
• Bay-breasted warbler: Chuck Tague
• Barred Owl: Marge Van Tassel
• Peregrine falcon, Dorothy, perched at Cathedral of Learning: Peter Bell
• Peregrine falcon in flight: Chad+Chris Saladin

Two of the banner photos are my own:
• Pearl crescent butterfly on butterfly weed
• Yellow beech leaves in autumn

All photographs are used by permission and are copyrighted material.  If you wish to use a photo you’ve seen on my blog, you must get permission from the photographer.  I am happy to put you in touch with him or her if you leave a comment below.

Every photographer who’s individually contributed to this blog is listed here in alphabetical order.  Their names are linked to their photography websites, if available.  Some have contributed one photograph, others have contributed hundreds.   Thank you, one and all!  You are super!