Kate St. John (photo by David Hallewell)

Want to come on a bird and nature walk?  Would you like to learn about Pittsburgh’s peregrines?  Here’s a list of upcoming events I’ll be leading.

Unless otherwise noted, all events are free and open to the public. 

If an outing is cancelled I will post it here.

Outings and Presentations

For outdoor events:  Dress for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes. Bring binoculars and field guides if you have them.  All events (except Fledge Watch) are held rain or shine, but not in downpours or thunders. As the dates approach, check this page for changes or cancellations.

Click the linked headings for information & directions.

18 May 2024, 8:30-10:30am, Schenley Park Visitor Center

UPDATE, 7:30am 18 May: It’s pouring right now but it’s supposed to stop soon. If it isn’t pouring I’ll be there.

Scroll to the bottom to see the Calendar.

Events on the Media:

My appearances on radio or TV are usually recorded. Here’s a list of past events on the media.

Events in Nature: Phenology for Western Pennsylvania

This Phenology for Western Pennsylvania lists the events in nature for each month of the year.  I am not leading these events!  I am following.

Outings list in Calendar form…

11 thoughts on “Events

  1. My wife and I are avid bird photographers in Point Breeze. Our current project is to photograph and document the behavior of a nesting pair of Cooper’s Hawks outside our bedroom windows. Loads of fun and we’d love to share it with you! Tom (and Chris)

  2. I want to attend the event at Schenley Park as you have listed for April 30, 2017. But I see you say it is in conjunction with Three Rivers Birding Club. But I see Three Rivers Birding Club has an event in a different location at the same time. I will be driving from West Virginia and want to make sure the Schenley Park event is still happening. Thank you for any reply.

    1. Yes, the Schenley Event is still happening. See you at Bartlett Shelter at 8am, April 30. (It’s the height of migration so Three Rivers Birding Club has scheduled several events on the same day.)

  3. Hello Kate,
    Just wondering about tomorrow’s walk at Duck Hollow. The weather doesn’t look promising. Trusting that you will update this site if cancelled. Best, Rebecca

    1. Indeed the forecast looks bad. I walked in the rain today but it was not fun and there were no birds. THE OCT 29 OUTING IS CANCELLED. 🙁

  4. Regarding Hope, her actions are horrible and seem to be getting worse. After this mating season, would it be possible to capture her and place her in some bird sanctuary where she would not breed again? Terzo would get a new mate and we could watch without worrying about the eggs when they hatch. If Hope is allowed to continue, she will be responsible for killing many, many falcons in her lifetime. I hope something can be done.
    Also hope the Gulf building nest will be ready next year. I cannot watch the Pitt nest while Hope is still there.

    Thank you for all you do and info you provide us.

    Mary Murphy

    1. Mary Murphy, your idea about capturing Hope has come up before. The PA Game Commission would have to OK it and they have not approved it doing this. Back in the 1980s when peregrines were very very rare they might have approved it to save the species but peregrines are so widespread now that they are nearly ready to be taken off PA’s endangered list. Hope does raise an average of 2 chicks per year which *is* increasing the species. So no, she will be left alone. You are wise not to watch her.

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