Tips for Viewing the Falconcam

Screenshot of Pitt falconcam in Chrome browser showing Play Button that appears when live video times out
Screenshot of Pitt falconcam in Chrome browser showing the Play Button that appears when live video times out

Spring 2020:

The National Aviary’s Pitt peregrine falconcam, with streaming provided by Ozolio, is located high atop the University of Pittsburgh’s signature building. Watch the nest at:

THE STREAM STOPS AFTER 5 MINUTES:  Yes it does.  Here’s how to restart it.

  • If you see a Play button click on it to restart the stream (screenshot below).
  • (using Windows) If the stream stops but doesn’t show a play button, press F5 to refresh the page.  The stream will start again.

The website explains:  “… the video stream will automatically stop after 5 minutes. To restart, just click the ‘Play’ button again, and it will resume streaming for another five minutes.  This process helps to conserve bandwidth and reduce our costs for streaming the camera. If you would like to help support the costs of the camera and streaming services please donate [to the National Aviary] here!

If you cannot see the stream at all and your computer gives you the message below, click on the Activate Adobe Flash link to see the stream.  If your browser screams at you that this might be dangerous, say yes anyway.  Otherwise you can’t see the nest.

Activate Flash to see the video stream

(screenshots from the National Aviary falconcam website)

4 thoughts on “Tips for Viewing the Falconcam

  1. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for all the interesting information on the birds and nature.
    You probably know that WildEarth dropped their beta site so us Android people have had problems but Jellybean and Lollipop versions of Android w/new enough version of Adobe Flash Player to allow viewing of the web cams but the viewing of Videomarks sometimes is blocked. Older versions of Android operating system don’t open up the Wildearth web cams and to install newer versions of Adobe Flash player onto older Android platforms requires some “work around” software. Need some tech support/search to make it happen.

    This message was put up on WildEarths web site last November/December.
    Beta subdomain to be taken offline subdomain to be discontinued
    read more
    4 months ago”

    Best Regards

    1. John Thomson, thanks for the information. The National Aviary falconcams no longer stream at WildEarth.

  2. Hello:

    I saw a Falcon, I think it was a falcon, it was grey and white, and it was flying low, sitting on a big pine tree limb and then flew around the area..low. It was a bigger bird, but not as big as a hawk or eagle.

    I live in Fair Oaks, CA..near the Sacramento River.

    What kind of bird do you think it was?

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