Dec 17 2008

On the Hunt

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Peregrine Falcon captures a Killdeer (photo by Cris Hamilton)Two days of gray, drizzly weather and there's nothing to report.  Bird activity is at a minimum and when I see the Pitt peregrines, if I see them at all, they're usually asleep.

Days like this need something to liven them up and I have just the solution: some action-packed photos sent to me by Cris Hamilton.  I've been saving them for a time like this when we need a reminder that the outdoors is exciting.

Cris Hamilton lives south of Pittsburgh and spends her free time photographing birds.  Back in the fall of 2007 she took her camera to Green Cove Wetland in Washington County, part of Important Bird Area #80, a place with excellent birds.

While Cris stood by the wetland a raptor flew by at top speed, caught a bird and was gone.  Cris was lucky enough to capture a few quick shots.

The results were stunning.  Her camera revealed that in those few seconds an adult peregrine falcon had grabbed a killdeer and carried it away.  It happened so fast that mud splattered off the killdeer as the peregrine flew.

Cris sent me three photos which I've put into a brief slideshow.  Click on the picture to watch the action.  I think you'll agree her photos are amazing.  Nature can be pretty exciting.

(Three photos by Cris Hamilton.  The slideshow loops, the action repeats.)

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