11 thoughts on “At The Bath

  1. Kate, have noticed that the webcam from the Cathedral is not live any longer. Is this the time they discontinue showing the live pictures?

  2. >the webcam from the Cathedral is not live any longer
    The streaming cam is no longer live because Pitt had to change the cam’s address within their network. Earthcam (the streaming service) cannot see the new cam address yet. Fixing this is moot because the young aren’t visiting the nest any more and the streaming contract with Earthcam is over for this year – or nearly over.

    The non-streaming version is live. It’s the link called “refreshes every 15 seconds” on the streaming page or at: http://www.aviary.org/cons/falconcam2.php

  3. Thank you for the photo. I thought about the Peregrines the other night during the storms and hoped they were safe. Kate, what do they do to stay safe in such weather?

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