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Jun 01 2009


Great-horned Owl in ARL's flight cage (photo by Maria Pyrdek)When I received this picture from Maria Pyrdek it made me laugh out loud.  

This is one of Martha's foster babies at Animal Rescue League's Wildlife Center.  Martha's the great-horned owl I wrote about on May 13 who's raising orphaned nestlings. The baby owls are ready to fledge so they graduated to the flight cage. 

Martha moved with them to continue her fostering duties and give them additional tips on how to be good owls.  Click on the photo to see nearly the entire family - except this guy.

I wonder what Martha thought when he did this.  He can fly, but can he land?  What a hoot!

"Cut me a break," he says, "I'm learning."

(photos by Maria Pyrdek at the ARL Wildlife Center in Verona, PA.  Click on the owl's photo to see Martha with the babies in the flight cage.)

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