Portrait of a young peregrine, by Brian Herman.



And, unrelated to this photo, news of the Westinghouse Bridge peregrines:
Beth Fife and Doug Dunkerley banded three male chicks at the Westinghouse Bridge yesterday. The bridge is very high and it was very windy. As Beth wrote, she and Doug "Held on with our lives!!!!!!!! "

The mother peregrine, "Val" ("Storm" from Canton, Ohio, 2005), was present.  The father peregrine stayed away.  Neither bird was a problem compared to the scary winds on such a high structure.

(photo by Brian Herman)

10 thoughts on “Gorgeous

  1. Isn’t this the nest that was pictured a while ago that had 5 eggs also? Did two of the eggs not hatch?

  2. So were the other two eggs not hatched properly, or the other two chics died early on? (Given Val had 5 eggs…)

    Gorgeous pic indeed; where was this taken at?

  3. Great news from the Westinghouse Bridge and what brave people to do that. What happened to the 2 other eggs?

  4. Westinghouse Bridge: Two eggs did not hatch. This happens sometimes. In some years Dorothy (at Pitt) does not hatch all of her eggs.

    Gulf Tower: I don’t know if any have fledged at Gulf. I hope to hear from local observers.

    Photo: Where was the picture taken? I believe it was at a raptor demonstration. I am awaiting further info from Brian Herman.

  5. Kate – do you know where the ‘kids’ like to hang out on the top of Heinz Chapel? I could hear at least two of them screaming at each other at lunchtime but was never able to locate them by sight.

  6. They perch on the knobs on the steeple or on the long metal spouts near the base of the steeple. There are two rungs of spouts.

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