Red Sky at Morn, Sailors Forewarn

The sky was red-pink at sunrise this morning.

After five days of absolutely clear, hot weather the clouds are here in advance of Hurricane Earl.  By the time Earl gets here he'll be downgraded to a tropical storm.  The wind out there in the Gulf of Maine will be 50-65 knots (57-74 mph) with waves 18-28 feet.

Sailors forewarn.

(p.s.  Here on land it will rain from midnight Fri to noon Sat with wind gusting to 50 mph.  Not bad.)

One thought on “Red Sky at Morn, Sailors Forewarn

  1. Kate–Good to know you’re well, as are your loved ones. Beware of rip currents. That seems to be the bete noir of the Weather Channel. Not that I would know! My deepest venture into the surf is knee-high!

    Weather here in the Burgh has moderated considerably, with a strong shower this afternoon. Our tomatoes are happy, as is husband Tim, who didn’t have to drag the sprinkler around the garden today!

    Happy Labor Day weekend! Fly our flag in honor of soldiers everywhere and workers at home.


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